Entrepreneurship vs Reality

CLWmpRTUEAAKTBXEntrepreneurship! The reason for expensive suits and “Chairman of the Board” status. Entrepreneurship! What you do when: “You won’t employ me despite me being fresh out of University with no experience and student loan debt? Fine! I’ll just start my own business!” Entrepreneurship! Because “I’m Mr./Ms. Top Flight bitch!” Entrepreneurship! Continue reading Entrepreneurship vs Reality

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Socialization in the 21st century


A lot has changed since the past decade. We have had recessions, wars, iconic shifts in government (Obama) and the explosion in technology and social media in our daily lives. The most significant change that has taken place however, is our socialization and how we interact with each other. Continue reading Socialization in the 21st century

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A Note To Sleep


Sleep, sweet sleep, oh how I can’t get enough of you. You leave me feeling refreshed and invigorated after a good night in bed with you but alas, our relationship is not stable as I have to cheat on you with work, friends and family, who keep me up all day and even nights. Continue reading A Note To Sleep

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