What Is A Good Education?

College graduates May 20, 1999

During the last decade, with the rapid development of technology resulting in the world becoming a smaller place, the effects of the recession and globalisation has resulted in certain jobs and qualifications which were once highly sought after, being outsourced to foreigners/ expatriates, in some cases for cheaper than the local talent pool would charge or have been totally replaced with machines. This reality has resulted in a glut of graduates with expensive degrees who are unable to land a stable job based on their qualifications from college. Continue reading What Is A Good Education?

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The Argument

“I don’t know why you even bother with this network marketing thing” she said. “All you doing is taking on a lot of work for little reward”. That is the point of view of a very close relative of mine as it concerns my involvement in network marketing and it forms the opinion of most people when you engage them about becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO) for any particular company. Continue reading The Argument

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