Entrepreneurship vs Reality

CLWmpRTUEAAKTBXEntrepreneurship! The reason for expensive suits and “Chairman of the Board” status. Entrepreneurship! What you do when: “You won’t employ me despite me being fresh out of University with no experience and student loan debt? Fine! I’ll just start my own business!” Entrepreneurship! Because “I’m Mr./Ms. Top Flight bitch!” Entrepreneurship! The key to REAL RICHES (Tanto Blacks Style)!!! Entrepreneurship! The sponsor of: “look at all the cool shit I can buy now!” Entrepreneurship!!!

No. Entrepreneurship is nothing like that. Some people however, usually highly paid professional employees in Government or the private sector, whose OPINION the media seems to rate, who never had an employment issue, never owned a business and are generally at a comfortable stage in their lives give the impression that Entrepreneurship is an easy and viable alternative to unemployment. These same people would NEVER give up the comfort and security of their jobs to start a business and “move the economy” in the right direction while reducing the unemployment rate. Often times these very same people offer entrepreneurship without offering any form of information or assistance to potential entrepreneurs in order to make their business ideas a successful reality.

The truth is, choosing to be an entrepreneur is a serious decision which will affect all aspects of your life and cause a great deal of mental, physical, spiritual, financial(big one right here) and social discomfort. Not everyone is willing to or can deal with these issues which will result in a great deal of failure! Failure is a key part of entrepreneurship as you’re basically learning as you go along and mistakes will be made. Some of these mistakes may cause embarrassment, criticism and ridicule from onlookers and even though you may hear that other people’s opinion don’t matter, it still hurts when you have to face public criticism and ridicule. This negative reaction by friends, family and society can bring about emotional and psychological problems such as depression and anxiety to name a few. Entrepreneurship can be lonely. You won’t be able to take part in much social activities with your friends as you feel like and it may interfere with your love life if you don’t have an understanding partner.

Most people would rather not deal with these issues and would rather the comfort and security of a job. The ┬ápeople that tout entrepreneurship without themselves being entrepreneurs are disingenuous and don’t mean people any good. It would be best if they avoided the topic all together and stop deceiving people. Entrepreneurship is definitely not for the weak of heart but for those willing to persevere in the face of all the negatives in order to achieve the satisfaction and rewards that come with being a successful entrepreneur. The same people that watched and ridiculed your efforts will be the same ones to offer congratulations on your success and will even ask you for advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur. The truth is, no one can tell you what entrepreneurship is like. It is something to be experienced first hand. You won’t know if you are capable of it until you try.


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Hi! My name is Kareem Campbell and I am an Electrical Engineer by profession who is also an entrepreneur and IBO. I created this blog to share my views on various ideas and topics and to interact and get feedback from you, my audience. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @reemyc.

3 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship vs Reality”

  1. Kareem
    Thank you for this truth telling article. I find the information worthy for this entrepreneurial venture I am about to take on. With no capital nor financial means, but a dream.
    I think I am ready for the hard work. You said entrepreneurship isnt for the faint of hearts.

    1. Good luck with your venture Shelli Ann! It certainly won’t be easy but with faith, persistence and a little help from people who want the best for you, you shall succeed.

  2. On point. As I read, I could recall instances of each of the hurdles you mentioned. It was sad to be missing on birthday parties, dinners, working during holidays and our friends asking why we did not make it and the “not a good excuse” look they gave us. Each small victory is celebrated largely. Quitting is that much more difficult especially if your venture was a dream. A supportive family has been essential for us. It is a difficult path so if I ever do decide to become an “employee” I will be the employee I would have hired.

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