Jamaican People and Foreign Expectations


How long will we suffer as all our goods and talents are taken from us by foreigners who exploit us for their benefit at the expense of our well being? Jamaica is a poor country and most of it’s inhabitants struggle on a daily basis to make a living. So it is very disrespectful when a foreigner, who comes here and generally has a good time, turns around and says that Jamaicans beg too much. Most times these foreigners refuse to look beyond their own selfish need to have a good time without taking into account the state of the people in the host nation. Their mentality is of such that Jamaicans are there to satisfy their whim and fancy while they are visiting and only deserve their smiles and “thank yous”. We Jamaicans are friendly but hard working people and are willing to entertain foreigners while they are guests in our country, however, no one seems to respect the time and effort expended in keeping them coming back to Jamaica. If Jamaicans are so bad, why do you still return if you are not benefiting in some way? Why is it that you can’t receive the same benefit in your own country?

This also extends to some expatriates and returning residents, who when they have earned and benefited from earning an income in a economically stronger country, come here and behave as if the resident Jamaican is less than a native of their home (or adopted home) countries and have the temerity to talk down to us as if we are children in need of a scolding! One would think that instead of criticizing and pointing out our flaws, they would take a more proactive approach and lend assistance to the betterment of the country and it’s people. Some of you returning residents seem to have forgotten that when you left the country for a better life a “farin”, that the country was in a poor economic state, so why do you think that when you return, things would be so much better? It may be better for you, due to your elevated financial standing but for the rest of us who decided to stick it out and build the country, it has changed at a slower pace, due to our low earning capacity, which you already know! Unless you are willing to actively take part in the development of the country, your criticisms are not needed and in fact are useless!

I pray to God for the day that Jamaicans realize their full potential and not have to tolerate ungrateful and disrespectful foreigners who merely use people for their own selfish ends. I also pray that these foreigners to take an introspective look and realize their negative ways and recognize the time and effort spent by Jamaicans in making their stay an enjoyable one. Some returning residents and expatriates need not come here and criticize and complain…….we already know! we’ve been living with these conditions not because we want to but because we can’t do any better right now. I’m a black Jamaican and I am proud and will continue to look towards the father for his mercies as the same people you pass on the way up, you will pass them on the way down.


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17 thoughts on “Jamaican People and Foreign Expectations”

  1. Total rubbish. We better pray the tourist dont take the dollars we need so badly to so many better and less expensive places they can go to. I have always said if i was a tourist, i would never visit Jamaica, because of the beggars, the crime, the filth, unprofessional behavior of so many people. I live here, but I also travel to many other tourist destinations and this is the only country that behaves like this. This is what happens when the country becomes a failed state. A country that in the sixties and early seventies was the shining beacon of the Caribbean. Do not blame the tourist for our countries decline into a pit toilet. Thank them for the dollars they spend here that props up a further decline into hell.

    1. hey am a jamaican too ,but i work on a online website and i earn a great amount of salary,i believe jamaican should stop behaving the way they behave with tourism like they are greater people over all,we nee to united and solve the problem from reading what as said about jamaican its very sad but we cause it on ourself most time we should act in a way and know they are normal people like us too and most are very poor had to says years upon years to vist this beautiful country.

    2. If you really lived in Jamaica you would not have said what you just said.. Travelling doesn’t make you a better candidate for criticizing our people… If you were a true Jamaican then you would understand the real reason for the behavior… The heads of state here keep the poor poorer and the rich richer… We shouldn’t have to be depending on foreign dollars to make our lives better, but our leaders sold most everything that would make the average Jamaican work for a decent living without having to beg… Not everyone has the resources to move away and better themselves… And if you knew anything about poverty then you would understand that with it comes frustration of not having the means to provide for your family…. Having a bad attitude towards tourist is not the right way to go, however, if that is going to stop, then we should start with the head who has the handle to make situations better.. Not the people who are struggling to make ends meet…

  2. We pay for what we get. There is no excuse for people to beg no matter how poor. In the United States people begging on the streets are arrested. So we don’t expect to have people begging from us when we travel. Jamaicans are incorrigible!

  3. Where in the USA they arrest people for begging? Please let me know, because i live in Miami and i see people begging on a daily basis at the stop lights, shopping plazas etc.I love my Jamaica and when i visit and someone asks me or” beg” me for something, It’s a pleasure for me to give back. There’s no harm in giving people!!!!! God Bless Jamaica!! A suh mi seh!!

    1. I am a Jamaican and the first time I travel to US when I was picked up at the Airport my first stop at this Gas Station I saw this man came up to me and asking me for money and I was so surprised because the way how people talk about Farin I never knew they beg here. People beg me on Jamaican streets everyday but I have choices whether I give them today or another day or non at all. Resources are scarce so we going to always have people begging all over the world whether on the street or in your community.

  4. Total rubbish. I am from the UK and now live in Jamaica. I have no problem helping those who help themselves first, what I do have a problem with is the vast majority of beggers who instead of attempting to better themselves and find work they would rather beg all day from people who they believe come from wealthier countries. In the UK yes when working I did get paid a much higher wage in comparison to Jamaican wages however the amount I would have to pay in terms of bills would be a lot higher for instance my rent would be close to $200,000 (JA) and I would have to pay council tax of $40,000 per month and TV licence of $1500 a month which isn’t like flow it is just a standard bill you have to pay if you own a TV in your home and this isn’t like uptown Kingston it would be a apartment in the toughest part of London. I own a business here and earn a lot less than what I did in the UK however I spend much less which does make me better financially better off living here. I think it’s time to stamp out this stigma that in western countries we live in gold houses and drink champagne because it’s not. The only benefit the UK has and what Jamaicans should be venting thier fury to is a free healthcare system and a better welfare system for those in need, this should be something the UK helps Jamaica to build instead of another prison (thanks for that David Cameron) and for Jamaica lower the customs rates allow more forgieb shipments of basic supplies which would make things cheaper for Jamaicans, the amount Jamaicans have to pay for such trivial things like a mop bucket, no less than a $1000 but in the UK we buy them for $170 in the pound shop. Vent your anger to the right people it is not foreigners, if anything by me setting up a small local business I have provided more jobs and pay fair wage not minimum. The bigger picture is there but small minded people just can’t see it.

    1. So true……. rise up my Jamaican brothers and sisters….. we can do it… this is paradise… just more effort needed from us and good governance

  5. I disagree strongly with all your comments! I have lived half of my life in the UK and the other in the US. I plan to live the rest here in Jamaica. I am now a proud citizen. Giving to those in need is not a problem, however, living in economically stronger countries does not provide one with bottomless pockets and should not mean that you have to pay twice as much for everything. I absolutely do feel harassed by beggers and opportunists in Jamaica. There are times when individuals will beg from me just because they recognize me as a “foreigner”! They just see an opportunity to make easy money. I have been badgered for money and then “cussed out” for not giving. Even perceived friends have taken advantage of my “unlimited foreign wealth”. I have patronized businesses planning to be a long term customer, only to be exploited and gauged to the point of no return. It seems an extra $500 today is more important than a loyal customer that buys every week…and it can be buying a mango or getting work done on my car. There is an attitude of “take everything you can right now”! I give when I can, I plan to continue to give, support honest businesses and to volunteer my services. I love Jamaica and Jamaicans, but I don’t like everything about them. I realize poverty and hardship has created a ruthless, “survival of the fittest” mentality, but its not just damaging to “foreign” relations, its damaging to the relationships between Jamaicans. Its evident from the callousness of the drivers on the roads to the high murder rate. These impact Jamaicans, repats/returnees. I plan to participate fully in Jamaican life, give of my time and money, help to bring about positive change to Jamaica that will benefit all who step on her soil…while navigating my way around the “opportunists.”

  6. I am a Canadian living and working in Jamaica. From what I have witnessed, it is the born and raised Jamaicans that treat their fellow Jamaicans and their country the worst. The expats and foreigners that I know treat this country and its native people like gold. All they want is to make this country better, as they see from an outside perspective its potential, how beautiful it is and how poorly many of the locals treat it and eachother. It is predominantly Jamaicans that I see littering the roads with trash. And it is Jamaicans that are showing very little respect for their fellow countrymen. I should also mention the Jamaicans with wealth. I have never seen people treated as badly as wealthy Jamaicans treat their helping staff. In many cases, the helping staff are treated like less than human. They are paid almost nothing and worked to the bone. I work for a company owned by a wealthy American family. Our company donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to low income Jamaicans. We build orphanages and donate thousands to the education. We have also given over 1000 acres of land in Montego Bay to the locals to live and farm at no cost to them. We also pay our (over 300) employees at least double the amount of minimum wage, free lunch every day, free uniforms and free shuttles to and from work. There are very few, if any other, Jamaican companies that do this for their people. So before you go making outlandish statements about how foreigners and expats are ruining this country, take a look in the mirror and at your fellow Jamaicans and tell them that change starts at home!

    1. Phil i must say i totally agree with u, i am a Jamaican and i can relate to all u have said, i want to thank u and your company for the massive input and contributions to my countrys development, its foreigners like u who have a interest and love for Jamaica that make this country better, as an Elder i try my best to help people in every way possible, with a feeding program and what ever i can find form my pocket, and its a simple American missionery who donates $50 Us a week to help us, so i know the important and vital role foreigners play in Jamaican, and and many cases they help more than our local businesses.

  7. So… I am a Jamaican living in Jamaica & I cannot stand beggars!
    I think A LOT of them do it because the DON’T want to seek assistance which surprisingly the Government of Jamaica does have in place for example the PATH programme. The issue with poor relief is that a lot of people cheat the system so there had to be stricter regulations. The average Jamaican tends to be financially illiterate & choose to live above their means, so eventually that catches on.
    Back to my disdain for beggars…every morning I wake up & go to a job which isn’t my favourite & deal with customers who have not manners for a menial pay check. I could chosose to sit at home & beg but I don’t, so why should I take my hard earned money & give it to a strong healthy man or woman. My garbage men & gardener are both surviving & they work for meagre salaries. I prosposed to a beggar once to seek a job & he downright traced me. Another spit on me & told me he should have robbed me instead of asking, all because I told him I don’t have any money in a restaurant. (I only had enough to buy my food).
    Despite my run ins with them, I still give back to them through my service club because I know a few REALLY need the help. I appreciate expats & returning residents who come here with the right attitude of building & not criticizing. We need to learn from our mistakes & move forward together as one people.
    As for the tourist who think we beg too much…that is their opinion & they cannot be crucified for it unfortunately we live in a time where the internet allows us to make the world know everything faster & gives a voice to the once voiceless whether the intention is good or bad.
    Jamaicans need to have pride & work to make Jamaica the best it can be & stop allowing people to walk all over us. We have an unnmatched culture & beauty & we need to pause for the hustle & bustle & realize that.

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