Elections: The Political Silly Season

The day of the "touch"

The long anticipated date has been called. The Master’s “Touch” has been felt and the 25th of February will be the day Jamaicans decide who is most capable to handle the affairs of the country. Until such time however, we are subjected to party diehards(die hearted) being bused around the country to political meetings in the brashest of manner, the bombardment of political advertisements on our TV and radio stations and general political talk all over the place. This election atmosphere also seems to generate ridiculous sound bites from our elected officials, which seek to belittle and demean each side as they vie for the top job. Despite all of these shenanigans however, there can only be one leaders (see what I did there?).

Entertainment Or Serious Business?

What election campaigns look like

Sometimes I have to wonder if these election campaigns serve to entertain people or inform people of the party’s intentions once they form the Government. This, as most times the election campaign is used to beat their chests about things they have done(allegedly) and will do, hurl barbs at each side and make promises that end up not being kept. It’s as if these people get a licence to say anything that comes to the top of their mind knowing there will be little recourse. Election campaigns remind me of wrestling. We know the fights are fake but we keep coming back for the drama where one party trash talks the other, resulting in the other party having to respond in like fashion. This continues until it devolves into a brawl but in the case of an election campaign, words are thrown. These words may then translate to physical violence among the party diehards. It is for this reason why some people (especially the youth) have been turned off from the political process and refuse to vote. It is hard to differentiate which party is best capable of handling the affairs of the nation, if our elected officials act in such a manner.

Youth Votes Matter

With a significant proportion of the country consisting of young people, this group would be an ideal target for our political parties however, the political parties have not been able to interest the majority of them to vote. With most youths unemployed or underemployed, the youths of Jamaica believe that the politicians do not have their best interest at heart. Due to this, most youths have no care for politics and are instead focused on trying to find a way to migrate to a country with opportunities. A country cannot grow without the youths and politicians should keep this in mind when on the election campaign.

Curing Electile Dysfunction

pnp vs jlp

As the date fast approaches (thank God for a short campaign period) we the electorate are left with the serious decision to choose the best candidate for the formation of the Government. It is up to the parties vying for this position, to campaign on issues most important to us and put forward sensible, realistic and workable solutions to the problems the country now faces. These solutions cannot be independent of the country’s current economic position and have to take into consideration the IMF program that we are now engaged in. Without doing this, it will result in a tight battle resulting in the party with the most party diehards coming out on top.

The political parties should not be fooled by the large turn out to their political meetings as most of the crowd may be there just to nyam them out (see what I did there again?).


The Unattached Minor

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