ZikV and Our Friendly Mosquito


If our encounter with ChikV wasn’t bad enough, we now face an imminent encounter with it’s upgraded version ZikV(ChikV version 2.0), which is twice as worse than ChikV. Already, ZikV has left a disastrous impact on our Latin American neighbour Brazil, resulting in widespread panic and fear in Brazil and the Western Hemisphere.

Implications of ZikV


Although a link is yet to be established between ZikV and microcephaly, there has been a heightened sense of fear and uncertainty due to the high occurrence of microcephaly in most births by zika infected mothers. The children of these women will suffer from mental and physical defects which manifest themselves in the form of smaller heads and naturally, smaller under developed brains. The latter will have far reaching implications for the mental capacity of the child, resulting in more time and money being spent on that child. Most of these children are born into poor families, whose living conditions are prime breeding grounds for the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito, the prime carrier of the Zika Virus. The added handicap of having a child with the aforementioned defects puts an even greater strain on an already fragile family income, which may already be taking care of other children. If not managed  well, this condition can put a strain on the family itself. This situation may possibly have a greater effect nationally, resulting in the government having to allocate funds for the affected children and their families.

Before ChikV and ZikV, the mosquito was viewed merely as an annoyance which most of us had to live with. In light of this new threat, the question is, how come one mosquito bite can cause so much problems?

It Came From Africa

ZikV(As any other virus it seems) has its origins from the continent of Africa. The health authorities of this continent would therefore have more experience in dealing with the Zika Virus and can help with its containment on this side of the world. Just like Ebola, which created a similiar scare last year, it was the African nurses and doctors in the affected areas that contained the spread of and eventual elimination of Ebola. Health professionals in the Western Hemisphere would do well to consult with their African cohorts on how to treat people (especially pregnant women) infected with the Zika Virus and the eventual elimination of the disease. This would go a far way in allaying fears for people starting families and women who are currently pregnant.

These African health professionals must be doing a stellar job as there has never been any reports in the international media of any great disruption in any African country due to the Zika Virus as we are now seeing, now that it is on this side of the Ocean…..

The Mosquito Cure


We will never look at mosquitoes the same way we did before these viruses became so prevalent. For this reason we must ensure that the environment that breeds these mosquitoes be eliminated. Although war is never a good thing, we welcome any war on our ever too friendly mosquito.


The Unattached Minor



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2 thoughts on “ZikV and Our Friendly Mosquito”

  1. Yes sir Campbell, I respect what you’re doing as an IBO, entrepreneur and engineer, but on the matter of Zik V you should be careful of publishing the effects of zik-V on pregnancy. This claimed link between microcephaly and zik-v is based off circumstantial data. To add, the number of other factors that can cause microcephaly shows that some proper ‘troubleshooting’ must be done before Zik-V is blamed.
    As a fellow engineer and IBO I just want to protect your integrity and career from the infamous ‘foot in mouth disease’.

    1. Thank you Khalil for reading my blog and pointing out this oversight to me! I have made corrections to this post reflecting your observation. I hope you continue to follow my blog and thank you once again for saving me from “foot in mouth disease.”

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