Professionalism and Public Perception

Don't blush baby

What is professionalism? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, professionalism is the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person or the following of a profession (such as athletics) for gain or livelihood.

Chris Gayle’s Professionalism

Chris Gayle is a world famous, record setting cricketer from Jamaica, who is known for his big hitting batting style. Most times when he is called to the wicket, many runs are made due to his batting style (due to this as well, he sometimes makes little to no runs before being struck out) and because of this, it can be said that he is a very successful professional. Due to the nature of his job being a much loved international sport and his professionalism, he is often asked to be interviewed.

Professional Interviewee?


As a professional athlete, being interviewed isn’t necessarily part of his job description. So when Ms. Melanie McLaughlin interviewed Chris Gayle and he attempted to invite her out for a drink as well as making the now famous “Don’t Blush Baby” comment, all of a sudden we should now believe that he isn’t professional? Granted, his comments and invitation were ill timed (off air would have been more appropriate), does it warrant all the negative media attention attacking his professionalism? It certainly doesn’t as he clearly showed at the end of the big bash with his record setting innings at the close of play. His rant on Instagram however, wasn’t professional but guess what? Making posts on social media isn’t part of his professional duties and should be seen as just a man expressing himself after being heavily attacked for a slip in judgement.

Everald Warmington vs Lisa Hanna


Everald Warmington is clearly not professional and doesn’t seem to care to show any form of professionalism when in Parliament. His Jezebel comment, leveled at Lisa Hanna while in Parliament is both rude and definitely out of place. You and I don’t know about Ms. Hanna’s personal life and we certainly don’t know what Mr. Warmington knows about her personal life. It however, is certainly out of place to be classing your co-worker as such while carrying out the business of the country! As usual however, Parliamentary rules allow such boorish behaviour and Mr. Warmington will get away with it or receive a tap on the wrist. What we should be focusing on is to ensure that our elected leaders don’t waste the country’s time with frivolous and boorish behaviour but work towards creating a successful country for everyone to live in and be proud of. Those who seek to do otherwise should be penalized severely.

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