Resolutions and Why They Don’t Work


It happens every New Year. We do an introspective year in review and look at all the things that happened based on our actions (or inaction) that we didn’t like and made resolutions, with the hope that we will become better individuals in the new year.The problem with resolutions however, are that we expect these changes to take place overnight……..It doesn’t work like that unfortunately.

Resolutions require action and a mental commitment from you in order for them to be useful. The mind has to be convinced that you are serious about making these changes a reality and will fight you if you don’t consciously force it to accept your command. This results in you deciding to change based on the resolutions made and then eventually, after the negative thoughts start getting louder, or laziness sets in, you end up reverting to your old self. Change requires a lot of work and the mind doesn’t like change. In order for the mind to make these resolutions a reality, the mind has to be convinced into thinking that the changes you want to make are routine and will not be too much work. This will take time and cannot be done overnight, which requires that we continuously do the little things that will bring about the grand changes that we want. It is for this reason why New Year’s resolutions don’t work as people expect them to.

When you created the resolution, your mind was not given enough time to process this new request and will continue on its usual path, preventing you from realizing your goal. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to take an introspective look at the positive things that happened due to your actions during the year, make note of them and endeavour to improve upon those actions. When you are fully satisfied with the progress made by doing these actions, then you can start to gradually make the changes you desire. This gives you the confidence to carry out your actions and prevents the mind from being a stumbling block to your efforts of change.

Change takes time. So in order to have a higher success rate with your resolutions, take the time to change. Happy New Year!


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