Heroes Within Us.

Heroes, vision, belief, courage, faith, hope

National heroes Day is a time to reflect, acknowledge and pay tribute to great individuals who fought for our liberty from slavery, both physical and mental as well as our liberty from colonialism and the fight for nationhood. These individuals, are sterling examples of what sacrifice and courage is and shows us how the actions of one individual can lead to great change, once they fully commit to achieving a goal. Jamaica as a nation, is better off for the sacrifices these people have made and we should be eternally grateful to them for fighting for what they believed in. By putting themselves forward, they have moved a whole nation forward as well.

heroes, vision, courage, hope, faith

The traits that made these people heroes however, are not unique to them and can be found in all of us. Our national heroes were just ordinary people with a burning desire to bring a vision of themselves and their country into reality. Having this desire and the courage to achieve this vision, is what set them apart from ordinary people. This only shows us that each one of us has the potential to do great things and become heroes as well! We have the ability to overcome the obstacles in our lives and create the life that we want! It only requires that we believe in the vision and have the courage to take action towards achieving the vision. This however, is what prevents us from attaining the goals we want in life.

Heroes, vision, faith, hope, courage, belief

We don’t believe enough to take action for ourselves. This can be due to a lack of faith in self or fear of how we will be perceived by acting on our beliefs. It could also be that we can’t be bothered with the hassle of putting in the work and would rather wait on someone else to do the heavy lifting required to achieve the goal. This type of thinking creates excuses as to why the vision cannot be achieved and robs us of our power to create and enable change in our lives.

If we don’t believe in ourselves and our God given abilities, then things will remain the same. No one but ourselves can be the change that we want to be and shouldn’t expect anybody else to change our lives for us. We therefore need to be our own heroes and be the change that we want to be, which means giving power to our beliefs and visions and having the faith and courage to act on them. Unless we believe and take action, we will never realise the changes we wish for, which can have a profound effect on the people around us, our communities, our country and even the world.


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