Failure: Bumps on The Road to Success.


Like most things we try for the first time, there will be failures. This leaves us with feelings of disappointment and sadness whenever our plan of action turns out unfavourably. It leads us to question whether our goals are worth the cost of failure and those questions become louder when we have repeated failures over a period of time. We however cannot and should not allow the feelings of self doubt take set in our psyche as it will inhibit us from acting on a better course of action and eventually achieving our goals.

What we should do with these failures is to use it as a learning tool to better understand the goal you are trying to achieve and analyse why it is that you failed in the first place. In doing the analysis, you might even realise that nothing was wrong with the plan of action but how you executed it, or maybe the timing might have been off. Either way, doing the analysis of a failure or a setback will help you to take a closer look at what needs to be done in order to achieve success. In doing this, you will only grow and develop into a better individual as you will learn what not to do the next time around. You would also have gained experience you would never have attained if you didn’t fail. This is how failure can help you better realise your goals and make you better prepared to execute your plans and experience less failure. Sometimes it requires us to be persistent in the face of failure and to just keep continuously trying until the door to success opens.

Take for instance OMI and his Bill Board topping song Cheerleader. It received some local success when he released it in Jamaica back in 2012 but if he and his team were content with just “some local success” it would not have become the billboard success that it is now. Like OMI and his team, in order to achieve your intended goal, you may need to refine, repackage and re-execute the plan in order to achieve success. Doing this requires patience, perseverance and strong faith in self and plan as it may take sometime for your plan to bear fruit (in OMI’s case, 3 years).

The real success is you being able to triumph over and endure the failures that will come along the way and keep the vision of the intended goal alive.


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