Faith and It’s Power


Faith is the one thing that keeps us going from day to day. We have no idea if we will see the next day yet we make projections for the future as if we are guaranteed to see it. However, when it comes on to less instinctive issues like job security, money to pay the bills and our relationships, we fall short in the area of faith. It is much easier for us to worry and complain about the struggles of life, rather than exercise a little faith and trust that everything will work out in our favour.

Most of us are bombarded by negativity on a daily basis from work, media, family and the people we associate with. We unknowingly feed into this energy and eventually become apart of the negativity. In doing this, we give up our power in faith as succumbing to the negativity, is an admission that things will never get better. One way of overcoming this negativity is to first identify the atmosphere of negativity and avoid it. Easier said than done you say, for negativity is very pervasive and can mask itself in various situations, thus making this an impractical solution.

What we should really ask ourselves is how does one exercise faith? There has never really been an explicit way on how to exercise our power of faith. Pastors and clergy people speak of faith in God the creator through his son Jesus Christ but most fail to explain to their congregations how to exercise this faith. Here are some of the ways that we can exercise our power of faith:

  • Trust in the Lord God with all your heart.

We all falter sometimes with our faith in the Lord but if we make a serious effort to trust in his divine will for us, we will steadily see a change in our surroundings. This will eventually lead to a better life.

  • Maintain a vision of your goals


We all have a dream of what we want to accomplish in life. The type of car, level of income, house we would like to live in and so on. This should be used as the motivation to work towards making the dream a reality for without this vision, you will be constantly going in the direction of the noise around you.

  • Avoid company that don’t believe in your vision

The most discouraging factor to you achieving your goals, is the voice of negativity. If you realise that the company around you consistently puts down your ideas and opinions, then it can be said that they don’t really value your input. Company like this creates doubt in your own abilities and fear in putting your ideas into action. You will never move from your present situation by listening to them. It is best to drop such company and seek out people that will encourage and aid you in achieving your plans, thus strengthening your faith.

  • Read self help and motivational books


The knowledge contained in these books have helped to dramatically change the lives of many people around the world, why not you? All that is required is that you seriously implement the knowledge contained in these books, in your daily lives.

  • Put in the work


Wishing and hoping for a better tomorrow will never put you any closer to achieving your goals. You have to actively work towards achieving your goals. Most often than not, it requires you to step out of your comfort zone and do the things you normally wouldn’t do. Doing this will only benefit your personal development and increase your faith in your abilities.

Practising all these points should help to not only strengthen your faith but increase your belief in your God given abilities and talents. Practising these things takes effort as breaking old habits is hard work and will require you to really challenge yourself to change from acting in fear, to acting in faith. When we learn to act in faith, our lives begin to change from one of need to one of abundance.


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