Independence and The Challenges We Face

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Independence is something we all strive to achieve through out our lives. From our days as children we all couldn’t wait for the day when we didn’t have to be told what to do, when we could do as we pleased. So in order to ensure that we could become  independent, we tried to learn as much as we could from the people that we saw as independent, our parents or the adults we looked up to. When the time came for us to assert our independence, it never came easily as we all have our own struggles to overcome. In trying to overcome these struggles we make mistakes that cost us time and money but never the less, from all mistakes there are lessons to be learnt. It is from these lessons that we are able to find a better footing in life and gain a better handle on our independence. As we learn to deal with our struggles and overcome personal challenges, we begin to truly become independent.

Just like how we each have to deal with our individual struggles and personal challenges, so too must a country who has spent a mere 53 years as an independent nation. Jamaica, my home has produced many noteworthy individuals, championed many causes and has been a force on the world scene culturally and athletically. Many of our brothers and sisters are blazing a path of excellence around the world which we are also known for. Despite this however, the country Jamaica has had its fair share of challenges and struggles which has put us in a state of indebtedness. All things considered, Jamaica should have been further ahead in development after 53 years of independence. The decisions we as a people have made, along with our governments over the years, has lead to Jamaica not fully utilizing the potential that it has.

As the country grows and becomes more mature, we can only hope that the decisions made going forward will be beneficial to all Jamaicans and that we will not repeat the mistakes of the past. I have no doubt that we will learn from our mistakes however, overcome our challenges and fully assert our independence.

Happy Independence 53 Jamaica.



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