The Trouble With Peace of Mind

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So what do you do in your free time? This is a question most asked in interviews, dates or when strangers start the process of getting to know each other. It is a question that assumes everyone has time to do whatever with little to no impact on our daily lives. The problem with that question is, do we really have such a thing as free time?

The time we spend has value. It can be argued that it is worth moving us to a better position in life. Even the most innocuous actions we take are used to try and achieve a better state of existence. This better state of existence can be referred to as peace of mind, a state of satisfaction and contentment, devoid of stress. With that being said, the motives for all our actions are to achieve this ultimate state.

It starts from birth. Our parents/ guardians try and get the best health care they can afford to ensure that there are no complications during birth and immediately after birth. This, to minimize any chance that you may be born with a handicap or deficiency, which saves on having to spend valuable financial resources as well as allow you to live as normal a life as possible. Then there is our education from the nursery school straight up to tertiary level (for those fortunate enough to attain that level of education), where parents are making sure that we get the best education that they can possibly afford. This, all in an attempt to ensure that we become valuable up standing citizens and that we can competently fend for ourselves. There is also the factor of ensuring that by getting a good education, we can effectively vie for the best jobs or positions in society. Parents will also look at extra curricular activities as another avenue to ensure that if we aren’t successful academically or professionally, we could also make it in life in either sports or entertainment. All of this to ensure that parents themselves have peace of mind that their children will be secure and unhindered in life. Also, in order that their efforts do not go to waste, parents will inculcate in their children the need to do well in life which perpetuate this search for peace of mind in their children as they search for their footing in life.

This drive for peace of mind unfortunately, is what creates stress and anxiety in people as we try and attain a level of accomplishment that will guarantee a stress free existence. Most people however, don’t know how to attain peace of mind as there is no clear cut rule or set of instructions which can direct one to attain this level. Society on a whole is filled with too much noise and merely dictates generic social mores that most often than not, perpetuates a stress filled life. This results in people going through life not achieving their dreams and goals, which to me is a part of attaining peace of mind and dying with a lot of regret.

This comes back to our time spent here in this existence. Are we making use of the time that we have effectively? or are we just wasting it on frivolous and trivial matters? Are we going after our inner most dreams and desires while helping others achieve theirs? Or do we let others dictate what we should be doing with our time?

How we use our time is very important to how quickly we can attain our goals and I do say that we subconsciously try to make the best of our time to achieve our individual ideas of peace of mind. This, in and of itself means that we really don’t have any “free time” and we might as well consciously pursue attaining peace of mind on a personal level, no matter the circumstances and the obstacles, for regardless of whether we consciously pursue this goal or not, time will most certainly pass any way.

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